Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Tallyn Series Laptop Deck

Tallyn's is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our Tallyn Series line of professional studio solutions: The Tallyn Series Laptop Deck. We have specifically designed this product for digital studio photographers who want to have their laptop as close at hand as their camera.

The 3/8" thread mounts directly to any Manfrotto Tripod or Studio Titan Camera Stand and features an external locking bolt to provide added stability and secure mounting. The sturdy ball head allows for a full range of mounting angles and the adjustable brackets allow the Laptop Deck to support laptops up to 17" wide and up to 8 lbs (also includes a velcro strap for additional security).

The ultimate application for the Tallyn Series Laptop Deck is on the second platform of our Studio Titan Pro 4 Camera Stand. This setup makes tethered or wireless shooting easier than ever adding a new level of flexibility and control to your studio shooting.

The Tallyn Series Laptop Deck is only $84.95 and will be available for shipment before the end of this month. Our Studio Titan Pro 4 Camera Stand is still available as part of our Spring Specials Virtual Trade Show for only $975 (+ $55 shipping) through the end of the month.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Epson P-6000 Rebate Available

Order today and get $100 back by mail on
the 80GB Epson P-6000 Multimedia Storage Viewer.
A portable backup drive can be an invaluable tool for ensuring your images in the field. I have an earlier model of the Epson Storage Viewers and it's ability to copy and backup memory cards, as well as provide a platform for quickly reviewing images, has made it a permanent fixture in my camera bag.

This rebate is available from Epson through June 30th.

Links: Epson P-6000 on | $100 Mail-In Rebate Form

Monday, May 4, 2009

Canon Lens Instant Rebates through July 11

Spring Instant Rebates Now Available!

Save up to $500 on select Canon EOS Lenses
and up to $70 on select Canon Speedlites.
Check out the Canon Instant Rebates at

These instant rebates are available through July 11th;
Place your order today to ensure prompt delivery,
as this promotion always increases demand.

Lexar Rebate through May 31, 2009.

Here are the current Mail-in Rebate offerings from Lexar on 300x UDMA Compact Flash Cards and 133x Secure Digital Cards:

Buy Memory Cards

Download CF 300x Rebate Form
4GB 300x Compact Flash - $20 Back
8GB 300x Compact Flash - $60 Back
16GB 300x Compact Flash - $50 Back
Download SD 133x Rebate Form
2GB 133x Secure Digital - $10 Back
4GB 133x Secure Digital - $10 Back
8GB 133x Secure Digital - $25 Back

These rebates are available until May 31, 2009.