Thursday, October 23, 2008

PhotoPlus Expo - Day 1, Part 2

- Scott was able to get his hands on a pre-production 5D Mark II earlier today and snapped off a couple pictures via camera phone. We wanted to throw a compact flash card into it and get some high ISO captures, but Canon put the kabash on that plan with some well-placed gaffer's tape and a few watchful eyes.

- We have learned that Hyperdrive will be releasing a Colorspace specifically updated for the new Ultra Direct Memory Access (UDMA) technology. UDMA is quickly becoming more and more commonplace, so this is a logical progression. We will have more information when this is officially announced.

- Lumiquest has released a compact and convenient gel holder for compact shoe strobes called the FXtra. A must for any strobist-style shooter. We are expecting them in-stock any time now and have them available for order on our website.

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Cat Hoffman said...

Now the big question of the day is when will you all get the 5D Mark II so you can start shipping them to our eager homes :)