Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Canon 5D Mark II's Are Shipping!

As posted on Monday, the initial shipments of EOS 5D Mark II's did ship out of Canon's facilities yesterday and have arrived in stores today. We received our first shipment this morning and have already processed the sales to our first preorder customers.

Due to the incredible demand and the number of customers with preorders, if you have not already been contacted personally, then your camera was not in the first shipment. We will be contacting customers via phone and email as your specific camera becomes available as well as making updates here on our blog.


Cat Hoffman said...

How many did you receive in the first shipment? Just curious (and anxious, lol)

Craig said...

Cat - It was in the single digits. We were assured by Canon that each dealer in our region is getting generally the same number of cameras, pre-orders or not. I'm anticipating similar shipments each week from here on out.