Thursday, January 29, 2009

Custom Brackets Gimbal Up-Close

Custom Brackets is the leading manufacturer of specialized camera support systems. Mainly designing and providing hand held bracket systems for mounting compact strobes, they recently have expanded their line to include a new gimbal system for large telephotos.

Although the CB Gimbal is ideal for long lenses with their own tripod mounts (such as 200mm, 300mm or 400mm telephotos), the gimbal has applications in the studio with the addition of the Custom Brackets Studio Rotating Bracket which easily adds camera rotation to the setup.

One of the most worthwhile advantages of the CB Gimbal is how it effectively and safely distributes weight, preventing sudden and violent weight shifts that can occur with other camera supports when knobs are loosened for adjustment.

The knobs on the CB Gimbal are doubled up to provide independent controls for adjusting the resistance and for locking in place both the pan and tilt axes. They can easily support the weight of a full size DSLR body and lens at practically any angle. The knobs are well designed and easily accessed with the left hand while your right holds the camera. They are also captive knobs - they cannot be loosened far enough to come off the gimbal (A plus for anyone who has lost adjustment knobs for anything in their studio).

The CB Gimbal is modular, allowing it to be packed away using far less space than what it occupies fully assembled. Custom Brackets also promotes the roller bearings as completely maintenence free, never requiring any additional lubrication. Added features also include a bubble level for on-axis mounting and panning as well as degree markings, useful for shooting panoramic compositions.

Although the CB Gimbal was originally designed for use on a Camera Stand such as the Studio Titan Pro 4 Stand, here at Tallyn's we have found a new application as part of the Bogen studio rail system. A setup such as this helps keep your studio floor clear and gives you the versatility to shoot from anywhere in your studio at any angle with the camera fully supported. This setup provides the added advantage of allowing you to shoot parallel to the floor.

The Custom Brackets Gimbal, as well as the rest of the Custom Brackets line of handheld brackets and bracket accessories is available now from If you have any questions, or would like assistance we are available by phone during our normal business hours at (800)433-8685.

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