Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canon Unveils New Powershot G11

Canon has just announced their new Canon Powershot G11, the successor to the G10, generally seen as the pro level Powershot. We'll let the numerous feature logos speak for themselves:

Enables user to capture and print large, high-quality prints up to 13x19 inches. : 10.0 MegapixelsAllows users to find the face or faces they want are in the frame to ensure excellent focus and proper illumination.Reduces the effect of camera shake - the biggest cause of blurry images - so you get a clear, nearly perfect picture every time!Lets you join the photo by maintaining exposure and focus and resetting when a new face enters the frame before counting down to release the shutter.Automatically optimizes ISO settings based on brightness and frame interval information for natural and correctly exposed pictures of people.If closed eyes are detected in your photo, a blink warning icon appears for 3 seconds so you can re-shoot while your subject is still in place.Users can easily connect their camera to a PictBridge-compatible printer and print images, no computer necessary.Lets you shoot images and keep them in their original state without any compression like a JPEG or GIF so there's no loss of detail.Capture group shots, landscapes and more in breathtaking fashion with this 28mm wide angle lens.Quick ShotLow LightExchangeable Image File which stores information about an image such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, date and time image was taken.Detects and removes red-eye from images as the images are in playback mode on the LCD monitor.Optimizes exposure and tone during shooting for better exposure in shadows and dark areas without affecting the brighter areas in the scene.

We have this new camera available for preorder on Feel free to place an order.

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