Thursday, October 15, 2009

Products We Use: Lastolite Cubelite Studio

The Lastolite Cubelite Studio is the ultimate solution for product photography, and at Tallyn's, have been shooting new additions to our catalog as well as Ebay & Web Clearance items in it for over a year. The larger 37" version (left below) replaced our glass sweep table in the main showroom with a setup that takes up a third of the space and provides even more control over reflections and shadows while tying up less lights and softboxes than the glass sweep table demanded. It was such a success that we purchased the 28" version (right below) for a back room when we expanded our used equipment and Ebay sales setup.

It allows for control of the light from below and all other directions allowing you to give products that floating look with no shadows. The tensioned diffuser fabric means the reflections on even the most reflective surface are kept to an absolute minimum, while the front opening can be closed to mask reflections as well. I have experienced issues shooting lenses and other curved forms and getting excessive wrap-around, but that problem was easily remedied with a cardboard box cut to create a gobo that would block some of the side lighting.

As you can see in the images above, the Cubelite Studio only requires two heads to fully light your subject - one mounted above by means of either a boom arm or a resting softbox (as we have done here at Tallyn's with the Aurora 28x28), and an a second light mounted inside of the lower portion, best supported by a Bogen Backlight Stand 012B.

We have both the 28" & 39" versions in-stock and available now, as well as the experience to guide you through the construction, lighting and use of this versatile but strait-forward setup.

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