Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lastolite Trigrip Reflectors Now Available

The Lastolite Trigrip Reflectors take your standard collapsible reflectors to the next level. The TriGrip reflectors feature a moulded handle with securing strap, allowing even more accurate positioning of the reflector with one hand which means that light can be directed to all those awkward spots e.g. under the chin and eyes without the need for stands or supports. The securing straps also allow you to support the reflector without actually gripping the handle, reducing the pressure on your wrist and fingers when held for prolonged periods.

I'm sure I will be adding a couple of these to my arsenal in the next few weeks. I've been frequently assisting on on-location shoots lately, and while I have been in charge of some of the technical aspects (frequent metering and pre-shoot color calibration), a pair of these would go a long way in improving our lighting and giving us better results in less-than-ideal natural light.

Lastolite has a great how-to video to show off these reflectors, and they are available and in-stock from

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