Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canon Error Codes Revealed

Direct from a source at Canon, we have the basics to shed at least a tiny bit of light on the various error codes Canon is using for the 5D Mark II and beyond. While none of these error codes reveal enough information to allow you to do repairs on your own, any amount of information can be comforting when dealing with these errors if they occur.

10 - Malfunction related to files has been detected.
20 - Malfunction related to the mechanical mechanism has been detected.
30 - Malfunction related to the shutter has been detected.
40 - Malfunction related to the power source has been detected.
50 - Malfunction related to the electric control has been detected.
60 - not used on 5Dm2
70 - Malfunction related to images has been detected.
80 - Malfunction related to the electric control of images has been detected.
90 - not used on 5DM2

These error codes relate specifically to the 5D Mark II but our source says they probably apply "across the board to all cameras after the 5D Mark2." So if you see any of these error messages in your camera, don't hesitate to send it in to Ted at Tallyn's for a warranty repair or repair quote. You can also join Canon Professional Service, which offers various levels of priority and attention to qualifying members.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for your help, had error code 80 on the 5D mk11, changed cards worked for a while, a week later error code returned changed cards and then nothing no power... I went to my local canon repair shop to find that one of the pins that connect card to mother board was bent and needed to be fixed also had blown fuse.. I was told to be very careful when removing and replacing cards as it's very easy to damage head pins!! Der.... I'm usually very careful when removing and replacing cards, so was very annoyed as obviously no warranty repair as they said I must have caused the damage ;-( and the cost $400.00 minimum..
I'm interested to know if anyone else has had a similar problem ?

Anonymous said...

i just experienced Err 80. I was making some video the previous night and the next morning I turned on the camera to take a few snaps and my shutter opened and didn't close at shutter speed 60. I had to pull the battery for the shutter to close. Then I turned the camera on and I noticed delay in the LCD screen on top to turn on. I was then unable to get a response from buttons like menu, play, etc. Meanwhile the lcd worked and I could change shutter speed iso, etc however the shutter button totally stopped responding. Really weird...i just sent it in for repair paying $200 upfront. Any others with similar issue?