Saturday, September 6, 2008

Photoshop World - Days 2 & 3

Photoshop World was quite the experience (Vegas is a pretty interesting place too). I was able to sit in on a handful of presentations before and after the Tech Expo on Friday.

- Saw Joe Glyda's class on shooting food for commercial. The big thing to take away... Backlight! Backlight! Backlight (and use reflectors)!

- I heard multiple instructors state variations on 'There isn't a main sun, and a fill sun, and a kicker sun and a background sun. There's only one sun. I only use one light.' Sound advice. I know when I introduce multiple lights, I tend to also be adding multiple problems to fix.

- I also got the opportunity to meet Jim Divitale, who has been shooting and traveling the country teaching photography longer than I have been alive. I quickly came to respect him pretty quickly and looking through his food photography portfolio only confirmed my suspicions. I might just have to try some food photography of myself one of these weekends.

- We also got some heads up on other new products from our vendors coming down the pipeline. Keep checking back her for updates on that when we get firm information!

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