Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AstroScope 9350EOS-FF adds night vision to Canon DSLRs

File this one under 'At least we know it's out there.' Highly doubtful that this is something Tallyn's will ever offer, but entertaining nonetheless...

Via Engadget, this is the AstroScope 9350EOS-FF from Electrophysics - A night vision scope designed for full frame Canon DSLR's like the 1Ds and 5DM2. As you can see above, the module fits between the lens and camera body, and maintains all the necessary electrical connections and doesn't impede on features like image stabilization. The module itself will also give you some variable gain control to adapt to different lighting situations and reduce noise, and it supposedly eliminates any vignetting of images, which can be a bit of a problem with other night vision rigs. No word on a price just yet. In fact, it appears that Electrophysics requires you to apply to get a price quote.

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