Monday, July 6, 2009

Tallyn Series Laptop Deck Gaining Popularity

The brand new Tallyn Series Laptop Deck has been a big hit amongst professional photographers. We have nearly sold out of our initial run, and we have more on the way.

Professional speakers such as Sandy Puc have helped us spread the word and now we have found out we are going to be featured in the new products section of Digital Photo Pro's September/October issue! Professional photographers are even coming up with their own new applications for the laptop deck we didn't anticipate, including mounting a Wacom pen tablet for presentations with live editing.

In this environment of digital photography, your computer can be as essential a tool as your camera is and the Tallyn Series Laptop Deck is the essential tool for studio and field work with your laptop close at hand.

Links: Tallyn Series Laptop Deck at | Studio Titan Pro 4 Camera Stand

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